Qualitative Research Workshop

To build upon the Introduction to Qualitative Methods held during AIB-LAT in Lima, Perú, an additional session will be held during AIB-LAT this year in Buenos Aires. Hoping to build on the interest expressed last year, this session aims to provide a brief review of the philosophy, history and uses of qualitative inquiry from last year coupled with an interactive workshop among the participants. Conference goers have expressed an interest in being able to “dig in” to projects with their peers so the majority of our time together will be spent accordingly. In general, the goal of the interactive part of the session is to build a community of scholars across Latin America and the world to serve as future collaborators and mentors in our collective research endeavors. Anyone attending in Buenos Aires interested and/or engaged in qualitative work is welcome to join.

For those unfamiliar with qualitative methods, the first part of the workshop will underscore the epistemology and philosophy that underlies different traditions within qualitative methods. With that understanding in place, the introduction will then briefly discuss different approaches to research design. During the second part of the workshop we will roundtable projects that participants have whether in the design, collection, or analysis phase. We will explore the challenges participants face and discuss possible solutions to overcome them. We hope that everyone will leave having advanced their project with constructive, critical, and cordial feedback from the AIB-LAT community. To conclude, we will talk about publishing and reviewing qualitative research in IB journals.

If interested in participating in the workshop, please send a brief biography and 150-word description of a current project in the design, collection, or analysis phase to Jeffrey.kappen@drake.edu by February 28th.